Clone Kit: Clonex + Seedling Tray & Dome + Grodan Rockwool

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Clone Kit: Clonex + Seedling Tray & Dome + Grodan Rockwool

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Clonex 15ml: A professional quality rooting hormone gel to promote root growth in softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings. Seals cut tissue instantly, eliminating the risk of infection or embolism. 

Seedling Flat Cut Kit: 10 x 20 Flat with No Holes and 2" Propagation Dome:

  • Seedling flat made of high quality plastic.
  • Manufactured with a wide lip for added durability, these seedling flats are reusable and will last for several seasons.
  • Seedling flats offer you the ability to start large quantities of plants in a smaller amount of space compared to traditional pots.
  • Excellent quality, clear dome. 2" tall.
  • When used in conjunction with a seedling tray, these flats will make seed starting and transplanting a snap! 4.75" total height.

Grodan Rockwool 1.5" x 1.5" (98 Sheet): Grodan Stonewool (rockwool) is made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibers and then compressed into cubes, blocks, or slabs. Where other rockwool brand manufacturers cut all sizes from one batch of wool, Grodan is unique by making different types of fibers. The purpose is to support the requirement of the plant in the different plant stages. Grodan has a tremendous capacity for absorbing nutrient solution while retaining plenty of oxygen for rapid plant growth. Grodan comes in graduated sizes. Seedlings started in cubes are easily transferred to blocks and then onto slabs, if desired. Seedlings or cuttings started in the Grodan cubes can also be transplanted into more traditional planters and growing mediums.

Grodan A'OK plugs are designed for seed and cutting propagation prior to "blocking on" into larger growing blocks. The V-shape design of the plug discourages tangling of roots between the plugs in the A'OK plug sheet. A'OK plugs come in a sheet that fits a standard 10x20 flat.

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