Having the proper lighting setup is essential step to having maximum yields for your plants. The Hydro Source carries all the lighting components you will need to reach that "proper" lighting setup. Check out our Reflectors to see what size is right for you. We have reflectors for every budget from major brands like Sun System, Hydro Farm and Hortilux. Just need a bulb? We have HPS and MH Grow Lamps from Hortilux, Digilux, Plantmax, Solarmax, Ushio and many more. Whether your plants are vegging or flowering, we have all the High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamps to ensure your plants thrive through each phase.

All H.I.D Lamps require a ballast to operate. Our magnetic and digital ballasts will power up any lamp you need. Check out the poplar Lumatek, Hydrofarm, Sun System and Radeon ballast for great prices.

Not interested in H.I.D lamps? We also offer fluorescent lamp setups. Fluorescent setups requires less power to operate and produces less heat. We carry various fixtures that can hold from 2 lamps to 16 lamps.

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  1. Yield Master II

    Yield Master II

    Starting at: $111.75

  2. Xtrasun Magnetic Ballasts
  3. Xtrasun II Aluminum Wing Reflector
  4. Xtrasun Convertible Ballasts

    Xtrasun Convertible Ballasts

    Starting at: $169.95

  5. Xtrasun Aluminum Wing Double Ended Reflector
  6. Xtrasun Air Cooled

    Xtrasun Air Cooled

    Starting at: $108.00

  7. Xtrasun 42" Parabolic HV Reflector
  8. XBF-2 Xtreme Ballast Flip

    XBF-2 Xtreme Ballast Flip

    Special Price: $159.85

  9. Wet Circuits Power Strip - 4 Outlet
  10. Ushio MH Conversion Lamps
  11. Ushio Enhanced HPS Lamps
  12. Ushio Double Ended Opti Red - 1000w
  13. USHIO Pro +

    Ushio Double Ended 1000w Pro Plus

    Special Price: $104.00

    USHIO introduces the NEW Double-Ended 1000W Super High Pressure Sodium Double Ended Pro-Plus lamp to its Hi-LUX GRO lamp series. Learn More
  14. Ultragrow Wing Reflector

    Ultragrow Wing Reflector

    Special Price: $48.95

  15. Ultragrow T5 Fluorescent Fixture
  16. Ultra Sun MH Conversion Lamps

    Ultra Sun MH Conversion Lamps

    Starting at: $68.31

  17. Ultra Sun HPS Lamps

    Ultra Sun HPS Lamps

    Starting at: $18.20

  18. Ultra Sun Blue Enhanced MH Lamps
  19. Tower of Power - 6 Outlet

    Tower of Power - 6 Outlet

    Special Price: $37.25

  20. Titan Controls Helios 6 - 8 Light 240 Volt Controller w/ Dual Trigger Cords
  21. Titan Controls Helios 5 - Four Light 240 Volt Controller w/ Relay Trigger Cord
  22. Titan Controls Helios 3

    Titan Controls Helios 3

    Special Price: $173.89

  23. Titan Controls Helios 11

    Titan Controls Helios 11

    Special Price: $123.89

  24. Super Spreader

    Super Spreader

    Starting at: $32.79

  25. SunMaster - Blue Ice 1000w MH

    SunMaster - Blue Ice 1000w MH

    Special Price: $105.00

    SUNMASTER Blue Ice lamps set new standards in general plant lighting, promoting high levels of photosynthesis without compromise. Learn More
  26. SunLift Yo Yo Hangers - 1 Pair

    SunLift Yo Yo Hangers - 1 Pair

    Special Price: $15.70

  27. Sunburst


    Starting at: $112.99

  28. 906200

    Sun System LEC 315 Light Fixture

    Special Price: $490.00

    Chinese patent: ZL201430011816.5. One year warranty on the lamp.

    Reflector Dimensions: 21.6L x 17.3W x 9.6H

    Learn More
  29. Sun System LEC 315 Light Emitting Ceramic Fixture
  30. Sun System HPS 150w Grow Light Fixture
  31. Sun System Econowing Reflector With Socket & Lamp Cord
  32. Sun System AC/DE Double Ended Air-Cooled Reflector 8"
  33. Sun Pulse MH Lamps

    Sun Pulse MH Lamps

    Starting at: $107.95

  34. Sun Grip Light Hangers 1/8"
  35. Sun Blaster T5 HO Fluorescent Strip Light
  36. Sun Blaster NanoTech T5 Reflector
  37. Socket Assembly 5kv Short

    Socket Assembly 5kv Short

    Special Price: $31.95

  38. Smart Volt Cords - 120v & 240v
  39. Skylight T5 Fluorescent Fixture
  40. Skylight T5 4' HO Fluorescent Lamps 54w

Items 1 to 40 of 128 total

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