Having the proper lighting setup is essential step to having maximum yields for your plants. The Hydro Source carries all the lighting components you will need to reach that "proper" lighting setup. Check out our Reflectors to see what size is right for you. We have reflectors for every budget from major brands like Sun System, Hydro Farm and Hortilux. Just need a bulb? We have HPS and MH Grow Lamps from Hortilux, Digilux, Plantmax, Solarmax, Ushio and many more. Whether your plants are vegging or flowering, we have all the High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamps to ensure your plants thrive through each phase.

All H.I.D Lamps require a ballast to operate. Our magnetic and digital ballasts will power up any lamp you need. Check out the poplar Lumatek, Hydrofarm, Sun System and Radeon ballast for great prices.

Not interested in H.I.D lamps? We also offer fluorescent lamp setups. Fluorescent setups requires less power to operate and produces less heat. We carry various fixtures that can hold from 2 lamps to 16 lamps.

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  1. Hydrofarm Agrobrite T5 Commercial System
  2. Hydrofarm Phantom Digital Ballasts
  3. Hydrofarm Phantom II E-Ballast 1000w
  4. Hydrofarm Sunburst Lens System

    Hydrofarm Sunburst Lens System

    Special Price: $16.00

  5. Hydrofarm T5 Designer System

    Hydrofarm T5 Designer System

    Starting at: $99.95

  6. Hydrolux Cool Tube

    Hydrolux Cool Tube

    Starting at: $62.85

  7. Hydrolux Large Air Cooled Reflector
  8. Hydrolux Magnetic Ballast

    Hydrolux Magnetic Ballast

    Starting at: $138.99

  9. Illuminati Super Green 5w LED Night Light
  10. Intermatic Metal Tripper

    Intermatic Metal Tripper

    Special Price: $6.80

  11. Jump Start Stands

    Jump Start Stands

    Starting at: $47.85

  12. Lamp Extension Cords

    Lamp Extension Cords

    Starting at: $62.85

  13. Light Rail 3.5 IntelliDrive Light Mover
  14. Light Rail 4.0 Adjust-A-Drive
  15. Light Rail 5 Commercial Drive
  16. Light Rail Tent Hangers - 4 pc
  17. lr420

    LightRail 4.20 Kit

    Special Price: $324.95

    Easy to use Long lasting Energy efficient Learn More
  18. Lumatek High Par HPS Lamps
  19. NeoSol DS 520W LED Plant Grow Luminaire 48"
  20. O.G. Series Nanolux Digital Ballast - 1000w
  21. Phantom Ballast DE Open Lighting System

    Phantom Ballast DE Open Lighting System

    Special Price: $395.00

    The Phantom Ballast Commercial DE drives maximum PAR value. This ballast is designed with a high precision microprocessor that makes it totally silent, lightweight, highly efficient, and extremely reliable. Learn More
  22. Phantom Double-Ended Kit w/ Reflector, Ballast & Bulb
  23. Phantom II 1000w HPS 240v DE E-Ballast
  24. Philips Master GP T EL 1000w 400v Electronic DE Lamp
  25. Philips Mastercolor LEC 315 Lamp

    Philips Mastercolor LEC 315 Lamp

    Special Price: $86.95

  26. Plant Yo Yo with Stopper

    Plant Yo Yo with Stopper

    Starting at: $9.30

  27. Plantmax HPS Lamps
  28. Plantmax MH 7200K Lamps
  29. Plantmax MH Conversion Lamps
  30. Plantmax MH Lamps

    Plantmax MH Lamps

    Starting at: $24.95

  31. Plantmax Pulse Start MH - 400w - 10,000K
  32. Plantmax Pulse Start MH - 400w - 7,000K
  33. Plantmax T5 Fluorescent Lamps

    Plantmax T5 Fluorescent Lamps

    Starting at: $21.85

  34. Power Cord & Lamp Cord with Socket
  35. Radeon Digital Ballast
  36. Radiant Air Cooled

    Radiant Air Cooled

    Starting at: $153.89

  37. Reflector Hanging Hook

    Reflector Hanging Hook

    Special Price: $4.85

  38. Replacement Female Receptacle

    Replacement Female Receptacle

    Special Price: $8.85

  39. Sentinel BLC-1a-PB Basic Lighting Controller Plug Box
  40. Sentinel BLC-1a-WM Basic Lighting Controller Wall Mount

Items 41 to 80 of 128 total

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