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  1. Adjust A Wing
  2. Adjust A Wing Large Double Ended DE Reflector
  3. Agrosun Dayspot Grow Light Kit 60w
  4. Daystar Air Cooled
  5. DE-NOVA Professional Double Ended Lighting 600-1150w 120/240v
  6. DEnova 1000 Watt Intergrated DE Reflector & Ballast with Hortilux DE
  7. Gavita Hortistar 600 Single Ended Reflector
  8. Gavita Pro 1000 DE Complete Fixture
  9. Gavita Pro 1000e DE Complete Fixture 120/240 Volt
  10. Gavita Pro 600 SE Complete Fixture
  11. Hydrolux Cool Tube

    Hydrolux Cool Tube

    Starting at: $62.85

  12. Hydrolux Large Air Cooled Reflector
  13. Parabolic & Cone Reflectors

    Parabolic & Cone Reflectors

    Starting at: $82.00

  14. Phantom Ballast DE Open Lighting System

    Phantom Ballast DE Open Lighting System

    Special Price: $395.00

    The Phantom Ballast Commercial DE drives maximum PAR value. This ballast is designed with a high precision microprocessor that makes it totally silent, lightweight, highly efficient, and extremely reliable. Learn More
  15. Phantom Double-Ended Kit w/ Reflector, Ballast & Bulb
  16. Radiant Air Cooled

    Radiant Air Cooled

    Starting at: $153.89

  17. Silver Sun Reflector

    Silver Sun Reflector

    Special Price: $179.85

  18. Skylight


    Starting at: $119.89

  19. Sun System 2

    Sun System 2

    Starting at: $155.00

  20. Sun System AC/DE Double Ended Air-Cooled Reflector 8"
  21. Sun System Blockbuster

    Sun System Blockbuster

    Starting at: $179.89

  22. Sun System Econowing Reflector With Socket & Lamp Cord
  23. Sun System HPS 150w Grow Light Fixture
  24. Sun System LEC 315 Light Emitting Ceramic Fixture
  25. 906200

    Sun System LEC 315 Light Fixture

    Special Price: $490.00

    Chinese patent: ZL201430011816.5. One year warranty on the lamp.

    Reflector Dimensions: 21.6L x 17.3W x 9.6H

    Learn More
  26. Sunburst


    Starting at: $112.99

  27. Ultragrow Wing Reflector

    Ultragrow Wing Reflector

    Special Price: $48.95

  28. Vertizontal Reflector

    Vertizontal Reflector

    Special Price: $145.95

  29. Xtrasun 42" Parabolic HV Reflector
  30. Xtrasun Air Cooled

    Xtrasun Air Cooled

    Starting at: $108.00

  31. Xtrasun Aluminum Wing Double Ended Reflector
  32. Yield Master II

    Yield Master II

    Starting at: $111.75

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