Having the proper lighting setup is essential step to having maximum yields for your plants. The Hydro Source carries all the lighting components you will need to reach that "proper" lighting setup. Check out our Reflectors to see what size is right for you. We have reflectors for every budget from major brands like Sun System, Hydro Farm and Hortilux. Just need a bulb? We have HPS and MH Grow Lamps from Hortilux, Digilux, Plantmax, Solarmax, Ushio and many more. Whether your plants are vegging or flowering, we have all the High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamps to ensure your plants thrive through each phase.

All H.I.D Lamps require a ballast to operate. Our magnetic and digital ballasts will power up any lamp you need. Check out the poplar Lumatek, Hydrofarm, Sun System and Radeon ballast for great prices.

Not interested in H.I.D lamps? We also offer fluorescent lamp setups. Fluorescent setups requires less power to operate and produces less heat. We carry various fixtures that can hold from 2 lamps to 16 lamps.

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